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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

In the present day, Bad Company is on a counter-intelligence operation behind enemy lines in Russia in attempt to secure a high value individual of the US military, and a device related to a scalar weapon. Despite escaping Russian soldiers, and completing what they thought was their final mission in B-company, the device is discovered to be a fake. Being impressed with their previous activities, Army General Braidwood assigns them to the Special Activities Division, and tasks them with delivering information to Agent Aguire, much to the disappointment of Sgt. Redford.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Soft drink company, Dr. Pepper, was holding a promotion that ran until March 31, 2010, in which every specially marked 20 oz., 16 oz. and 14 oz. bottles or 32 oz. fountain cups of Dr Pepper, Dr Pepper Cherry, Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper Cherry had a code under the cap good for a redeemable SPECACT DLC from Dr. Pepper's website. The promotion has since ended, but the codes can still be used.

  • Both Games Boxed Crook: The game is titled after a company whose troops are supposed to be all of this. Marlowe took a joyride in a helicopter, wrecking it and a general's limo.note In both games, Preston Marlowe does not have a helicopter rating: he's a private and an infantryman. He just wanted to see if he could do it. He could not. Sweetwater uploaded a virus into the US defense grid. Haggard blew up the largest ammo dump east of Paris. Sergeant Redford is the only one who's not a discipline problem, but he agreed to command B Company after cutting a back room deal with the army for an early retirement. B Company (the titular Bad Company) is so named because they get the shit jobs and absolutely none of the credit. It's a place for rejects and attitude problems. The catch, however, is that service in B Company counts towards your discharge much faster: if you survive, the Army gets rid of you faster (and good riddance).note As above, this is Sarge's reasoning for joining the company. If you die, well, the Army is still rid of you, isn't it?

  • Cluster F-Bomb: Almost the entire battle chatter of American soldiers in the multiplayer modes. For some odd reason, in the Bad Company 2 multiplayer swearing over the in-game chat function is censored, but after a patch it can be disabled if the owner of the server allows it.

  • Everything Breaks: Bad Company finally introduced destructible environment to the series. And it is glorious. In the sequel, buildings can break down entirely. And it is glorious. (...unless you were in it.)

  • Goggles Do Nothing: In the cutscenes of both games Marlowe has goggles around his helmet, but he never puts them on. However, in actual gameplay the edges of the screen are significantly darkened, as if something - say, those goggles - are blocking Marlowe's peripheral vision.

  • Hitscan: Averted, bullets have travel time and are affected by gravity. Bad Company 2 even gives you bonus score for killing from a far range for managing to deal with it.

  • Improvised Weapon: The drill and the defibrillator. The drill not only repairs tanks but when shoved against an enemy kills them. You can get an achievement in Bad Company 2 for getting a headshot kill with the repair tool called "The Dentist". Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings us "Destruction 2.0", which is a fancy way of saying that you can now collapse buildings by blowing up the first floor walls, even when there's still people or objectives in them. Naturally, this is just as effective as it sounds when playing Rush.

  • Indy Ploy: Bad Company's bread and butter.

  • Invisible Wall: Artillery is actually launched at you in Bad Company if you go out-of-bounds. Strangely, however, completing objectives reduces the range of the artillery - objectives such as "Storm the village" or "Get to the supply depot" or "Regroup with your squad". It sort of makes sense with some of the objectives, such as 'destroy the artillery emplacements'. As for the rest, well...

  • It makes less sense in the first game's "Air Force One" mission, which you spend most of in a gold-plated Hind - go out of bounds and you just explode for no reason.

  • Magic Tool: The power tool damages enemy vehicles just as quickly as it repairs friendly ones. Can also be used to kill people.

  • Make the Bear Angry Again: Though exactly what angered the bear in the first place is never explained.

  • Right-Handed Left-Handed Guns: Inconsistently applied, resulting in stuff like the HK416 and M16A4 with right-handed controls and left-side ejection ports to properly-modelled AK's and belt-fed light machine guns.

  • Stuff Blowing Up: Why you should get Bad Company 1 or 2.

  • Suicide Mission: The superiors routinely send Bad Company on these missions in the hopes that they die. Under normal circumstances, succeeding in these missions would have earned them medals. Also probably a strong reason why Haggard joined the Army. After watching an airstrike, he expresses that he should have joined the Air Force.

  • Take That!: The plot of Bad Company 2 is essentially Modern Warfare 2, and it misses no opportunity to suggest that the latter is silly. Given that gamers abandoned MW2 for BC2 over the dedicated server debacle above, this may also qualify as Fanservice.Sweetwater: No! No no no, he'll just send some special-ops douche-bags with pussy-ass heartbeat monitors on their guns instead of us! ... Sweetwater: If we were racing on snowmobiles I'd take you down! Haggard: Snowmobiles are for pussies! DiCE isn't even dancing around it anymore. They released a video called "Friends Really Against Grenade Spam" which directly mocks a similar video that Infinity Ward created ( "Fight Against Grenade Spam") to promote Modern Warfare 2. The original video starred Cole Hamels, a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. To double the burn, the mocking video starred C.C. Sabathia, a pitcher for the New York Yankees team that had just beat the Phillies in the 2009 World Series. Funny enough, it appears to be a rant against using random celebrity pitchers... until C.C. blows up Sweetwater with a helicopter for trash-talking him and being a noob.

  • The parody ads for the first game were much less caustic, probably even affectionate, but they still mocked their inspirations.



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