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Where To Buy A Donut Tire __LINK__

Donut tires, also known as space-saver or temporary tires, are the latest evolution of spare tires. Sure, they look funny, especially on modern cars with larger wheels, but if used properly, they can be a viable solution when you have a flat tire.

where to buy a donut tire

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Donut tire is a designation used for the combination of narrow tire and smaller steel wheel. In North America, the term temporary tire also applies to the same product, while in Europe, you can find it as a space-saver tire.

Furthermore, spare tires also free up cargo space. The difference is not significant, especially in larger cars. Nevertheless, car manufacturers can brag about a few more cubic inches of cargo space if they opt for a donut spare tire, which, again, makes them more competitive on the market.

Crucially, though, the temporary spare tire is much lighter than a regular tire and wheel combo. This means that the whole car will be lighter, which positively affects performance and fuel economy. Moreover, it lets car manufacturers keep exhaust emissions at check.

Like regular tires, the donut models are also not created equally. Many brands offer temporary tires at various price points, which makes the purchase decision harder. Here is what you need to look out for when purchasing donut spare tires.

Fortunately, you can find many spare tire sizing charts, where you can compare the diameter of temporary spare tires with the diameter of your tire and wheel combo. Some websites will also show you only donut spare tires that fir your car, provided you enter the dimensions of your existing tires.

Like with most things, there is a large price difference between various donut spare tires. Every large tire manufacturer produces temporary tires, including Bridgestone, Continental, and Pirelli. However, you can also find some budget alternatives from no-name brands.

For lower prices, though, I recommend purchasing these products online. Places like Tire Rack, Discount Tire, Auto Zone offer a wide range of donut spare tires, including products from respected tire manufacturers. You can also find low-cost options on Amazon and Walmart.

A donut tire, also known as a temporary spare tire, is a small-sized spare part. The main application of this type of accessory is to use it for a short time when your car has a flat one and only works well for short distances.

You can put air in this type of spare one. According to the standard, the pressure in this type of product should be 60 PSI. However, you should consult the manufacturer before deciding what air pressure should be in the tire.

You can still go a certain distance with underinflated tires, as long as the speed is below 50 mph. You also need to regularly check the pressure before deciding to drive for hours with a damaged tire.

Will a donut tire fit any car? The above sharing must have given you a satisfactory answer. Finally, we hope you will minimize tire-related problems and always know how to handle them safely when any case can occur.

The fact that spare tires are no longer standard equipment on many newer-model cars can come as a surprise when you get a flat tire. While many new light trucks and larger SUVs come with a spare, many new vehicles do not include a regular-sized spare.

According to most automakers, a spare tire should only be used to get from where you discovered your flat tire to the nearest tire repair shop. But what should you do when that spare tire needs to be replaced?

Self-sealing tires are coated on the inside with a special sealant. When an object on the road pierces the tread, the sealant material is designed to surround the object and prevent air from escaping from the tire. This gives you time to get to a tire repair shop.

In older cars, every model came with a spare tire that matched the tires already on the vehicle. Over the years, car manufacturers have realized the spare tire is used so infrequently, it does not make much sense to equip every car with a full-sized spare. For this reason, manufacturers began leaving a space-saver spare (otherwise known as a donut) in place of a full-size spare.

Nowadays, spare tires should never be a permanent replacement, begging the question, how long can you really drive on a spare tire? The type of spare tire in your vehicle makes a difference in how long and how far you can drive before fixing your tire or buying a new tire.

The biggest reason why you should avoid prolonged use of space-saver or donut tires is that they have little to no tread, making the spare vulnerable to road hazards and projectiles. It is also much smaller than the other 3 tires, making it spin faster to keep up with the moving car.

Run-flat tires are becoming more common as manufacturers realize they cost less to maintain than traditional tires. If you drive a recent model BMW or a MINI, your car likely came with run-flat tires. These tires are tougher than most tires but are not designed to last forever, such as a full-spare tire.

Rather than including a spare tire, these run-flat tires are built to withstand most road hazards, including punctures. Rather than going flat or blowing out (as traditional tires do), a run-flat tire can continue to drive after punctured for about 50 miles before needing to be replaced. However, these tires cost more to replace than traditional tires.

While you have a bit more room to travel on these types of tires, it is important to inspect your tire as soon as you are aware of any change in tire pressure. This gives you an idea of how long you have until you have no choice but to have your tire replaced.

For years, cars were built with spare tire wells capable of carrying a full-size spare. On many older cars (and a few newer models), this is still the case. If you bought a truck, SUV, or another large vehicle, your car probably is equipped with a full-size spare. While a full-size spare is heavier and requires a larger space for storage, these tires are more durable and can handle a drive similar to a regular tire.

Once you have taken your vehicle to an auto repair shop and learned that the punctured tire is irreparable, you can request the spare tire to be put on the original rim.It is important to note that a full-size spare tire is usually not produced by the same manufacturer as the rest of the tires on your vehicle, meaning it will handle differently than the other tires. We suggest buying a new tire as soon as you can afford to, but this can easily buy you some time.

Christian Brothers Automotive was born out of the idea of not just being an auto repair shop, but also a neighbor. Our mission is simple: to take root in the local communities we serve and to create an uncommonly great experience for customers in need of auto service and repair. To have your tires inspected or to replace a spare tire, please do not hesitate to call or visit your local Christian Brothers Automotive shop. We have 240 plus locations nationwide that are locally owned and operated, providing complete auto care and repair solutions near you.

According to, the price and cost of the donut tire will depend on the type and the car model. Some cars have their own specific types of tires, even if they are just for replacements. On their website, most of the spare tires range anywhere from $70 to $200.

A donut tire is much smaller than a regular size tire, which means it is easier to fit in your trunk. Many newer cars have a place for the donut under the floor of the trunk so that it does not interfere with your storage space.

Of course, a donut tire is a temporary solution, and you will need to budget for a brand new tire, along with installation. A new tire, depending on the brand and the car you drive, the costs can be anywhere from as little as $125 to more than $300+

Weigh your options of a donut tire or a real tire. A donut tire is smaller and easier to store, but it also means you have to buy a donut and also a replacement tire in the future. If you have the room in your car, you may be able to save yourself the money and hassle of having to change the tire twice.

Ford or the dealer (where applicable) will accept returns or exchanges of applicable Motorcraft, Ford Parts, Omnicraft, Ford Accessories, Lincoln Accessories and Ford Performance Parts within 30 days of your receipt. Once you have initiated a return, you must return the part(s) within 14 calendar days. Electronics, wheels and custom-painted parts cannot be returned at any time for any reason.All returns and exchanges must be returned to Ford (for orders shipped directly to you) or the dealer (for orders picked up from the dealer) solely at your expense, except in the case of Ford or dealer error. Returned items must be in the original box, in new, non-installed, resalable condition, with all instructions and hardware, and in the condition it was received. If all of these conditions are not met, it is at discretion of Ford or the dealer (where applicable) to accept the return. Shipping charges are non-refundable.If you opt not to provide a VIN(s), you are solely responsible for making sure the accessories you have ordered are compatible with your vehicle.Attempting to return any parts or assemblies that have been tampered with in a manner that affects the re-salability and/or safety of the part(s) is prosecutable under the law, and these parts and assemblies are not eligible for return credit, refund and/or exchange.If you believe a product sold by Ford has a condition or defect that might make it unsafe, please report this safety concern immediately by using the chat feature on the Site or by calling 1-844-589-0060. 041b061a72


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