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Fruits Cut APK: The Perfect Game for Fruit Fans and Arcade Lovers

Fruit Cutting Game is a new Arcade game with RPG game play, in which you slice fruits, score points and dodge the bomb. How many times can you Chop these Fruits? Unsheathe your blade and start chopping everything that move Like a Ninja, don't forget to Slash special fruits to get a bonus.

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular Android Games of all time with more than 100 million downloads worldwide. It has also a paid version which is also very popular. The reason for the popularity of this addictive game is an ever-increasing desire of slicing and destructing more and more fruits.

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The only thing that sprays here is fruit juice. Bombs are tossed up in between the fruits if you take a swipe at a bomb it explodes and boom. Hit fruit combos for extra points and added advantages. Fruit Ninja has three modes of play namely Arcade, Classic, and Zen. Upon your success, ninja Sensei will become happy with you and tell you fun facts about fruits. Hit Zen mode for bomb-free swipes. You can play multiplayer games with another person on the same device, or online via Game Center.

This is the typical fruit-slicing game popular with all ages. Players slide their finger across the screen to slice a variety of fruits including oranges, strawberries, coconuts and apples etc. as they are thrown upwards. With three lives available they must attempt to slice all fruit before it falls off the screen. Miss just three fruits and the round is over!

This game mode is exactly as the label suggests. Players have 1 minutes and 40 seconds to score as highly as they can. There are no bombs, and fruits falling off the screen will not end the game, so this game mode is perfect for players to practice their swiping and sliding!

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For me, this was the most enjoyable game mode to play in. A pipeline (or conveyor belt) appears at the top of the screen. Fruit cards will slowly appear on the belt, and players must slice the fruits in the order in which they appear. Once sliced the card will disappear from the belt and the objective is to stop the pipeline from overflowing. If it does fill up, players only have a couple of seconds to try and clear the pipeline before the game ends. Slicing the wrong fruit (i.e. not the fruit next on the pipeline) will also speed up the rate at which the pipeline fills up for the next 2 or so seconds. Therefore both speed and accuracy are vital! As in the timed mode, fruits fallen off will not result in a penalty (as there are no lives in this game mode). Slice the next few fruits in succession to score extra combos!

Merchandising characteristics of fruit and berry raw materials: the high nutrition and biological value, the simplicity in the preparation for production, the wide range of fruits and berries and their derived products allow to use them effectively in various food technologies, including dairy products technologies [3].

The studied fruits and berries as vegetable objects with the prevalence of water in their composition have no high caloric value: 100 g of the edible part give only 30-100 kcal [4]. Easily digested carbohydrates prevailing in the dry weight are the main energy-yielding material in the composition of fruits and berries. Fruits and berries are of the highest value in nutrition as a source of biologically active agents -vitamins, macro- and microelements, specific substances and food fibers. Thanks to the presence of the listed groups of compounds, fruits and berries improve digestion, the activity of cardiovascular system, the neuroemotional state of the person, therefore a lot of fruits and berries are irreplaceable in nutrition. The average annual need of the person for fruits and berries is 7 kg. [4].

Fruits and berries, first of all, are an effective source of various carbohydrates among which there are sugars, polyols, pectinaceous substances, cellulose and hemicellulose. Sugars are digestible carbohydrates -glucose, fructose, sucrose because of a sweet taste inherent in them. The total content of sugars is from 1.0 to 20% [5, 6, 7]. Monosugars, glucose and fructose prevail. Their content is approximately equal in a lot of fruits and berries. The amount of sucrose (disaccharide) does not exceed 1% in the majority of them. Fructose -the sweetest and most dietary valuable sugar which is expedient for use in the diets with a low caloric content, and also in the food of children and diabetics prevails in the composition of raspberry. Pectinaceous substances and cellulose are carbohydrate polymers, they are not digestible for the human body, but their physiological role is high enough. Pectinaceous substances are part of cells and noncellular clusters. These are derivatives of galacturonic acid. There is soluble pectin and insoluble pectin (protopectin) [8, 9]. The ratio between soluble pectin and protopectin in the composition of fruits and berries changes in the course of growth, maturing and storage. Therefore, changes of consistence become noticeable as well. The content of pectinaceous substances with high jellifying properties which are shown at a certain ratio of pectinaceous substances, sugar and acids [10] in fruits and berries is 0.2-1.8%.

The fruits of raspberry were assessed for the compliance with the requirements of GOST R 54691-2011. The appearance, maturity degree, state, smell and taste of berries, the presence of the agricultural fruits and berries damaged by agricultural depredators, the rotten and spoiled berries are assessed in an organoleptic way [11, 12].

The indicators of quality of fruits of wild strawberry were assessed in accordance with GOST 6828-89. The appearance, maturity degree, taste and smell, the presence of the sick and damaged berries of wild strawberry are determined in an organoleptic way; the size of berries - by measuring to a precision of no more than 0.1 mm [13].

Appearance, size and structureAggregate fruits are rounded or cone-shaped complex stone fruits not stuck together in clumps. Consist of a large number (30-60) of separate, grown together stone fruits. The size of the fruit is from 7.5 to 12 mm. Separate smallThe fruits are rounded and spherical, not stuck together in clumps. Consist of separate stone fruits grown together (48-60). The size of the fruit is from 9 to 17 mm. Meet the

AppearanceThe whole false fruits of various shape cleared of sepals and pedicels: from spherical, ovoid or oval to strongly extended spindle-shaped; the length of fruits is 0.7-3 cm, the diameter is 0.6-1.7 cm. There is a small round opening or a pentagonal platform on top of the fruit. Fruits consist of the overgrown receptacle (hypanthium) and numerous fruitlets (nutlets) enclosed in its cavity. The fruit walls are dense, fragile, the external surface is glossy, more rarely mat, more or less savoyed. The fruits are thickly covered inside with long and very stiff bristly hairs. The nutlets are small, oblong, with poorly prominent sides.Whole, pure, from the spherical to the oval shape, the length of fruits is 1 . 8-3.2 cm, the diameter is 0.8-1.8 cm. There is a round opening on top of the fruit, the fruits consist of hypanthium and the fruitlets (nutlets) enclosed in its cavity. The walls are dense, the external surface is glossy and savoyed. The fruits are covered inside with long stiff bristly hairs. The nutlets are small, oblong, with poorly prominent sides.

AppearanceThe fruits typical for this pomological grade (first) in shape and coloring. The fruits typical and untypical for this pomological grade (second) in shape and coloring.The fruits are typical for this pomological grade in shape and coloring.

MaturityThe fruits uniform in maturity, but not green and not overmature (first grade) The fruits are not uniform in maturity, but not green and not overmature are allowed (second grade)The fruits are uniform in maturity

the most acceptable for the purpose of identification of fresh fruits and berries. In case of the processed raw materials this method is subjective and is based only on the definition of taste, aroma and color of the applied vegetable raw materials which can be imitated by means of nutritional supplements - dyes and fragrances [14].

AppearanceThe fruits are of the same pomological grade. The fruits in brushes are dense, fresh, pure, whole, healthy, developed, not miss-shaped, without flower remains, with highly prominent ridge sides. The crown is green, its cutoffs are plain, smooth, healthy, not overdriedThe fruits are of the same pomological grade. The fruits in brushes are dense, fresh, pure, whole, healthy, with highly prominent ridge sides. The crowns are green, their cutoffs are plain, smooth, not overdried

MaturityWhen cutting fruits lacteal juice is well emitted. The fruits are of the harvest degree of maturity with a greenish-yellow or yellow skin but not overmature, dense, roundish, the pulp is creamyWhen cutting fruits lacteal juice is well emitted. The fruits are of the harvest degree of maturity with a yellow skin, not overmature, dense, roundish, the pulp is creamy

Content of the broken fruits, with a tear of skin at the pedicel, with deep cuts, strong pressings, skin cracks when the pulp is touched, affected with anthracnose, fusariosis, Sigatoka disease, decayed, rotten, soften, chilled to the 3-4th degree, frozen, mashed, with extensive damages caused by agricultural depredators (skin plagues, deep red spots of nesting of trips), overmature with a dark brown, black or spotty skinNot allowedabsent

AppearanceThe fruits are market maturit without the da without excessi Slight surface defects of skin which do not affect the quality are allowedfresh, whole, pure, healthy, y, shaped enough, without a images caused by insect dep ve external moisture and sha for the pomological gra Fruits with slight deficiencies in shape, but without outgrowths and deformations, slight coloring defects, slight skin defects the total area of which does not exceed 1 cm, with small traces from the removed label in the form of longitudinal lines, without hillocks are alloweddense, at the stage of stalk, not overmature, redators and diseases, pe and coloring ty pical de Deficiencies in shape, coloring, skin defects in the form of slight cicatrized cracks or scratched/torn off skin the total area of which does not exceed 2 cm, with more prominent traces from the removed label, with small hillocks and slight dents are allowedThe fruits are fresh, whole, pure, healthy, at the stage of market maturity, Without the damages caused by depredators and diseases, oval-shaped, green 2b4c41e320


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